This + that

I can’t believe more than a month has flown by with no posting! Well, Natalia’s been keeping me busy. She has a ton of energy! I remember thinking a few months back that maybe she would always behave like a cuddly baby. But slowly but surely, like everything she does, she has developed this cool little personality. She now D E M A N D S attention.

She has also found out the great power of reaching her arms. She never used to reach her arms as a sign of something she wanted, and now she reaches her arms and knows she can get someone to carry her or to move towards something she wants. I think it's great until I try to get her to play by herself and she throws a tantrum because she's not getting her way.

Defying her therapists’ advice, I got her a walker. She absolutely loves the freedom it gives her. When I assembled it I purposely didn’t attach the toy that went in front with the thought that she actually used it as a walker and not a toy. That way she has a clear view of where she can go. It took her a day to find out the difference between it and her excersaucer but now she moves all around the house and enjoys reaching and touching everything. Natalia also had her aunt Laura and cousin Coco come and meet her from Cozumel, Mexico. We loved having them and they fell in love with our peanut.

As far as signing, I finished my ALS for Infants and Toddlers course and loved every minute of it. It was great to be amongst adults and have extra activities; I didn’t realize how I missed that since I stopped working.
I’ve started to use the signs for “eat” and “more” consistently with Natalia since I started the class. She will look at the signs curiously and keep on doing whatever she doing. No indication that she’s connecting the sign to the concept yet… but I’ll keep you posted.

Here's a link in case you want to take a peek at an ASL video dictionary. It was a lifesaver for my class.
I find myself signing randomly pretty often to her; colors, food, animals, whatever. This class opened a wonderful new way of communication for all of our family and we hope it can help our peanut communicate and understand her surroundings. For now I'm just trying to keep it interesting for Naty and hope some day she'll sign back.