The beach: friend or foe?

Here in Southern Ca the beach is a pretty big deal. Everyone is just waiting for the weather to cooperate to flock the beaches. So it’s amazing that last Sunday was Natalia’s first day at the beach. This was the first time that the weather was beach worthy and Natalia was 100% healthy. It really wasn’t planned, we went for brunch to Candela’s in Coronado Bay, which has gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline and bay…and spur of the moment we just thought we’d go for it. We didn't know what to expect.At first we let her feel the sand and then walk on it, she didn’t seem to like it much at first but warmed up to it pretty well. After a while of playing in the sand we decided to walk to the shore.

Uh oh! That was a real shocker for Natalia! She tried to take it all in and just as she was getting her head around the idea of the sea a tiny ripple of wave came up and wet her tiny feet. It was cold. Pandemonium broke loose and she wanted out NOW!

We left in a hurry… but we’ll be back soon to try again.


A few of her favorite things

Natlaia's likes and dislikes are constantly changing... she has no trouble letting us know what she's into. Right now she L O V E S:

Chewing anything she gets her hands on

Pulling curtains

This combo: one hand on temple and one in mouth

Exploring her surroundings

Standing independantly (or trying to)

Blowing rasberries
Her #1 Favorite ???



Family Outing

We had a great weekend. We took Natalia to Balboa Park “the nation’s largest urban cultural park”, this park is amazing and it brings back fun childhood memories for me.

We took along Naty´s walker so she could walk around freely in a large area. She took to that instantly and walked all around a huge fountain, stopping here and there to observe the other people around who were equally curious at the peanut in the walker.

I asked someone to take this picture, Í'm rarely in any photo since I'm always the one taking them...
Here's another one. You can´t really see but there are some beautiful water lilies in the pond
It was a gorgeous sunny day so we got her these cool shades... which she didn't like very much. Oh well, another 6 bucks down the drain. We had to hold her arms to take this.When Natalia was all pooped out we went to Trophy’s for dinner, and there she got her second wind and had a blast with the crayons and toys… actually she was a little loud- I’m glad Trophy’s isn’t particularly known to be a quiet dinner scene.

We are making it a point to have more outings with Natalia, she loves to observe people and explore her surroundings, home is getting pretty boring for her now... and going out is sooo much fun! Hurray for summer!