The beach: friend or foe?

Here in Southern Ca the beach is a pretty big deal. Everyone is just waiting for the weather to cooperate to flock the beaches. So it’s amazing that last Sunday was Natalia’s first day at the beach. This was the first time that the weather was beach worthy and Natalia was 100% healthy. It really wasn’t planned, we went for brunch to Candela’s in Coronado Bay, which has gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline and bay…and spur of the moment we just thought we’d go for it. We didn't know what to expect.At first we let her feel the sand and then walk on it, she didn’t seem to like it much at first but warmed up to it pretty well. After a while of playing in the sand we decided to walk to the shore.

Uh oh! That was a real shocker for Natalia! She tried to take it all in and just as she was getting her head around the idea of the sea a tiny ripple of wave came up and wet her tiny feet. It was cold. Pandemonium broke loose and she wanted out NOW!

We left in a hurry… but we’ll be back soon to try again.


Misty said...

that is so cute! i love that video! and the pics! i wish we had a beach here...sigh :). can't wait for her next adventure!

Karen said...

How funny! Ben doesn't like cold water on his feet either!
I'm with Misty; I soooo wish we lived near the beach.

Elias said...

hola hermana!!!

me meti a ver si ya habia un nuevo "post" muchos besos de nuevo te quiero mucho y le mando otro besototote a natalia!


Misty said...

how are you???? i hope that you, natalia and your husband are all well. i know that life is VERY busy. just wanted to check in!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been by in awhile so I wanted to pop in and say hi! Your "day at the beach photos" are beautiful! I think Baylee would have loved it, too. Unfortunately, no oceans here in Nebraska! I hope thing are well with your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi mother and father
Enjoy Natalia, Enjoy every second of her life. She is your angel.
I lost my angel 1 year ago... but I am happy and really proud about her, she teached me what is life and the happiness. She also had a CDLS.
Kind regards and a bug hug to Natalia !!

Joel and Maureen said...

Hey, how are you? We haven't heard from you in so long. I've been thinking about you guys & Natalia & hope things are OK in California. Happy New Year!


Elias said...

hola hermana,
solo un recuerdito a ver si nos mandas un nuevo blog.
muchos abrazos y besos a los cuatro.