ENT & Thanksgiving

Yesterday we had an early ENT appointment to rule out fluid in Natalia's ears. She has another ABR (hearing test) next Dec 3rd after the first time we were sent back and the second one that was canceled because o fluid in her ear. So we are good to go... no more fluid in her ears!!! Now we have to keep her completely sniffle-free until after the ABR.
Natalia was in an excelent mood, "talking" all the way home. When we got home she became vey entertained with her activity block (thanks Clari!). I'm thrilled that she's having fun with it now, she feels like such a big girl when she's sitting alone playing.
We are planning on having a quiet Thanksgiving at home. But that's no excuse not to dress up... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Just us girls

Today Natalia and I had a relaxing, mellow day. We're home alone until tomorrow so we made the best of our quality time. During week days I see Nati just a few hours a day because of work so I miss her daily rutine. But today, even though we didn't leave the house, it was great to have her all to myself.

First we watched Baby Einstein videos

I'm soooo proud, she's doing so well with her sitting


an early dinner, yummy!

...it's all in a day's work!


Taaa Daaa!!!

I'm thrilled, after almost 2 months we FINALLY have a new camera!! Here are the first pictures, don't expect too much, it was late but I couldn't wait to try out my new toy. : )

This is Natalia's "I don't care if I have crazy hair, don't brush my hair" hair.
I know, this crib would probably be banned for overstimulation, but Natalia likes to have variety, and I'd do anything to get her to fall asleep late in the evening.

I'm planning a fotoshoot this weekend, I'll post them by Tuesday. Have a great weekend!!


Some old, some new

Good news from Amazon: I just got my refund in so we'll be getting a new camera any time soon.I really want to share her pumpkin pictures but I haven't received the pictures from my friends who're supposed to send them (hint hint). Here are some pictures from last year. I'm glad this year Nati did enjoy herself, mabey I was able to erase last years traumatic Halloween experience...

Everything started ok, she was placidly sleeping until...

Mom decided it was time to dress up as a WILD CAT (costume courtesy of Aunt Delia).
Then all hell broke loose!!
Here's a closer look, this 2 month old was WAILING!!
Not even her friends could make her stop
OFCOURSE!!! She hates hats! After we took her wild cat ears off she was good to go. And fell sound asleep.
Can you tell how tiny she was? That costume was size 1 preemie from preemie.com. Take another look at the first picture, that bib was normal size and looks huge on her.
Here are a few pictures my father took of Natalia this weekend, please excuse the poor quality, they're from a phone camera.

Big smile for the camera... I mean phone

Although it seems she's bored out of her wits, take my word for it, she was having a blast. hehe
I think she prefers to pose for a real camera.

Hope your Halloween was fun. ;)