ENT & Thanksgiving

Yesterday we had an early ENT appointment to rule out fluid in Natalia's ears. She has another ABR (hearing test) next Dec 3rd after the first time we were sent back and the second one that was canceled because o fluid in her ear. So we are good to go... no more fluid in her ears!!! Now we have to keep her completely sniffle-free until after the ABR.
Natalia was in an excelent mood, "talking" all the way home. When we got home she became vey entertained with her activity block (thanks Clari!). I'm thrilled that she's having fun with it now, she feels like such a big girl when she's sitting alone playing.
We are planning on having a quiet Thanksgiving at home. But that's no excuse not to dress up... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! What cute photos - looks like your new camera is working out great. I'm glad the ENT appointment went well.
I was so inspired by your photo of Natalia and her activity block that I went out and bought one for Ben, but he won't get it until "Santa" brings it for him!