We're back!

Well, finally life is begginning to be back to normal. Natalia spent a week in the hospital :( she had a stomach infection. I first noticed her breath started smelling funky, a day after that she started gagging at every meal, and I knew she had some kind of stomach issue because she stopped eating her solids. After a day of gagging and very scary episodes took her to the ER, which means, by my experience, that she is automatically admited. The doctors tend to take everything with Naty with the utmost care because of her medical history: cardiac arrest, pneumonia, c-diff, etc etc.
Juat wanted to touch base with the blog, and I'll soon post some pictures and talk more about this. Darn! i don't even have time to peek at my favorite blogs!


Karen said...

Glad to hear that Natalia is feeling better - sorry to hear that she was in the hospital, though. How scary!

Hrmana said...

I'm glad you guys are back home and Nati is feeling better. Try to post her picture with the Chargers if you can :)

Sandi said...

Sorry to hear Natalia was in the hospital, but I'm so glad she is home and feeling better! I've enjoyed all the new photos. She is such a doll!