Finally the ABR!

After the BAER mishap last Monday, I was able to get it rescheduled to Friday (thanks to someone kind enough to cancel last minute and my ability to ring Speech and Hearing phone's off the hook!!) This time I followed the indications to a dime, well, as best I could. Imagine trying to keep a 1 year old awake till 12 am when her bed time is usually at 9pm . We tried everything: singing, clapping, tumbling, and when all else failed we even danced... I know, we are the biggest goof balls but hey, whatever works. It worked till 11:30pm.

Notice Dad's playful mood and Natalia's "whatever" attitude.

It was dad's job to keep Nati up till 12, I went of to bed at 10:45pm. But I was in charge of waking up Natalia at 4am. I must confess I cheated, I woke her up at 4:30 then let her take a itti bitti nap from 5:30 to 6am while I showered.

She still wasn't too happy when we were off to Children's Hospital at 7am for check in at 8am.

Natalia fell asleep as soon as the light was out... she even snored! The test went great, we had a SUPER audiologist assigned for our abr. She told us step by step what she was testing. After the BAER was done (it took around 25 mins) and evaluating the results she decided that she was going to test deeper and did an ASSR which determines exactly what frequencies are the ones with difficulty hearing and helps the audiologist program the hearing aids correctly.

What's the verdict? Mild to moderate flat hearing loss with a score of 40 on the left and 45 on the right ear. So this means that Natalia is off 20 points on normal hearing (normal being 0 to 20; mild is 21 to 45; moderate is 46 to 65 and severe is over 66).

If you want to hear what Natalia hears like check this link
and click the mild hearing loss option.
You'll find easy to understand info on audiograms: something I need to get familiar with...

We were thrilled with the results because 6 month ago Nati was on the moderate to severe level scoring 60 on the left and 65 on the right. So now we are starting the process of getting the hearing aides. We're expecting a call to get her ear impressions any day now. One less thing to do in Nati's "to do" list. ;D

So we celebrated having a tiny pool party... isn't she adorable in hot pink?


Karen said...

So glad that the test went well and Nati's hearing has improved! And she DOES look very pretty in her pink swimsuit.
Ben has moderate hearing loss bilaterally, but I forget which frequencies are most affected for him. He's had his hearing aids for exactly a year now, and his next hearing test is next month.
That's a great link for audiograms, BTW.

Hrmana said...

As always, I admire your strength in finding out all of the best tests and procedures for Nati. Knowledge is always power even if it is not always good news.