My ex taboo

When Natalia was born and we were given the CdLS diagnosis my first question was: how will that affect her health. The answer wasn't a pretty one, we were given a long list of possible affections. Little by little Natalia proved that she was going to be ok physically, no heart defect, no malrotation of the intestines, no organ malformation, just severe reflux thank God.

After that was clear another reality was there staring at my face: how would her development be? Thinking about "it" really hurt not to mention talking about "it" . I remember wanting to know right then and there how affected she was developmental wise so I intently asked Julie, the CdLS Foundation contact in southern Ca for signs I should be on the lookout for , she sweetly answered "time will tell". I was devastated.

A year later, coming out of Nati's second developmental evaluation I'm amazed at how distant that feels. Development ("it"), for us today, is completely subjective. Her accomplishments thrill the heck out of us and make us extremely proud. She´s come such a long way, this kid has determination! And looking back I'm able to look at Julie's answer from a different perspective and you know what? She was right, only time will tell, but we're alright with that.


Karen said...

We're kind of at the same place with Ben's development. We are thrilled by everything he learns, no matter how small. We've had to be patient, throw out the developmental timetables, and let Ben be Ben.

Elias said...

Sony this is just a little reminder from your little brother to say how much we love you and natalia!!! this is the first time i write a comment on a blog (actually this is probably the first one i read also jaja)
We are very excited to see you and natalia this christmas.

talk to you soon

Hrmana said...

As a mother of two wonderful girls, all I can say is that they grow up too fast. Nati and Ben are giving you the gift of enjoying the baby years for a longer time, so ENJOY :)