Just us girls

Today Natalia and I had a relaxing, mellow day. We're home alone until tomorrow so we made the best of our quality time. During week days I see Nati just a few hours a day because of work so I miss her daily rutine. But today, even though we didn't leave the house, it was great to have her all to myself.

First we watched Baby Einstein videos

I'm soooo proud, she's doing so well with her sitting


an early dinner, yummy!

...it's all in a day's work!


Karen said...

What a big girl Natalia is! She looks great sitting up! I know what you mean about missing out on the day to day routines during the week - I have that same issue. I'm glad you had a great day together.

Hrmana said...

Wow, se looks so different!!
I'm always fighting my feelings on being with the girls or not. I enjoy the time off when working or traveling, but I miss them. Then when I am with them on the weekends and feel like screaming for some peace and quiet, I wish it was Monday. It just proves, you can't have it all.