I might burst

I'm so proud of my Naty.

Here she is doing her favorite thing now a days (don't mind the gtube dragging along our hallway):

She enjoys other kids and wants to play with them (I think she desperately needs a little brother or sister) ;)

PT has done amazing things for her , she's come a long way.

She feels she's such a big girl, she doesn't want to be laying down for long periods of time and fusses until someone either sits her up or helps her walk around.
This is a cool gift she got from a family friend. The pony actually makes neighing sounds and moves his head and tail. Natalia loves it. We've named him Pinto.

O my gosh, I *heart* this girl so much!!


Karen said...

Wow, that's amazing! Natalia looks like such a big girl!
Unfortunately, Ben's not even remotely interested in standing.

Sonia said...

Every kiddo beats to his/her own drum, and that especially applies to ours. Ben will get there. :)