A New Beginning

I am no longer a working mom. (almost 3 weeks now). The company where I worked downsized and it was an obvious choice for them to cut the person who asked for the most permissions (I always tried to go to Natalia’s therapies and appointments). It ended up a very friendly parting, I worked there for 9 years and they we’re very generous with their compensation. But it was still completely shocking to arrive to my office and start with my morning routine and then 1 hr later get a call from the boss to go up to his office and be told “we’re going to let you go”. This was definitely not in out plans; I wanted to stop working until I had a second child. But if having our precious baby has taught me one thing it is to roll with the punches, so after two days of complete bewilderment I slowly started seeing this as a great opportunity. Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t work for pleasure. But, after sitting down with my husband to talk and make some budget adjustments, we concurred that we can live well with only my husband’s income. So this officially makes me a stay at home mom.

So everyone would think I have all this extra time to blog: um NO! At least not for the moment (although I want to). I am still in the process of learning to organizing my time, which is resulting to be quite a task. Staying at home makes time fly by, when I realize it’s already 11am and I haven’t showered. Then I feel bad thinking that by this time at work I would already have been thinking about lunch plans… and here I am in sweats and not have had breakfast. I know it’s a matter of getting used to, but I haven’t been able to kick off the feeling that these are vacations. So I have officially given myself a month of vacations: no thinking, no official plan making, just chilling (or trying to chill).

Of course the reason we decided I’ll stay at home in Natalia. I’m soaking up every second with her. We have increased early intervention home visits; I’m working on her feeding, since she’s stopped wanting anything by mouth and just basically focusing on her 100%, being able to do this is a true blessing.


Karen said...

Here's to new beginnings. Change is not always easy, but it sounds like this is going to be a very positive one for all of you, including Natalia. It's great that you will be able to spend more time working on her therapies.
We still continue to struggle with the feeding issue. I hope Natalia begins to take some of her food by mouth again soon.

Sonia said...

Thanks Karen, we'll have to do major adjustments but the extra time with my peanut is worth it. :)