Unexpected news

It’s been cold and rainy the past few days so we didn’t do much this weekend, just stayed nice, toasty and dry at home. But today we were forced to take Natalia out since she had a follow up appointment with her GI doctor. So I bundled her up to face the cold (no hat of course).

She had an upper GI test a few weeks ago and we were given the un-official results then and there that her Fundo is holding up perfectly. We were thrilled and that’s what we were expecting to hear in today's GI apointment, so it was a complete surprise to hear the other news her doctor had for us: Natalia has a hernia in her tiny stomach!! The doc thinks that the hernia developed now that she's spending more time sitting than laying down. That extra weight bearing in her stomach may have caused her stomach muscle to rub with her gtube and caused the hernia. I was in complete shock... I just never new this could happen. . My only comfort is that I don’t believe Natalia’s in any pain, she can communicate pain really well. There really isn’t much we can do now so we’re just going to observe her and see how she does and evaluate if surgery in needed. I'm praying she doesn't, last surgery was tough on her.

She isn’t gaining a lot of weight either; she only gained about 6 oz since Dec. But I now that she’s on her own agenda with that as well… although she still is plotting very well in the CdLS height and weight charts, so I’m not going to loose any sleep about this. She's the pink dot.

Her stats at 17 months: Weight 15lbs; Height 25.5 inches. and 100% CUTEPIE!!

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