Natalia 101

Here are a few random facts so you get to know my peanut a little better (in no particular order):

1. Natalia was born at 36 weeks, she was 3lbs 4oz and 13.75 inches long
2. She is still in reign since she still has no brothers or sisters
3. When she was born the length from her knee to her ankle was 2 inches
4. She has no speech, but definitely has different sounds (and faces) for different feelings and situations, thus gets her point across clearly.
5. At one point in her life that she was taking 8 medicines, we had a white board to keep track of times and doses delivered.
6. She had her ears pierced when she was 4 months old by a little old nun at the local hospital. She didn’t even flinch.
7. When she was born we were told she would never react to human contact and that she wouldn’t live beyond 1 year. Well, they obviously didn’t know who they were talking about: 16 month and going STRONG!!
8. If she laughs it humanly impossible not to laugh with her.
9. At 16 months she’s teething, her front lower gums are about to explode.
10. She rolled over at 8 months.
11. Natalia loves music; the louder it is the louder SHE is.
12. She wears 6 to 12 month size clothes.
13. Like many CDLS kiddoes, Natalia was born with GERD.
14. When she was 2 month old we found out she had some seizure activity, she used to look ever so briefly to the right as if in a daze. It didn’t seem natural to me so after some tests she was diagnosed with epilepsy and been on Keppra ever since.
15. She L.O.V.E.S textures: leather, silk, fur, chiffon … the softer the better. She can stroke it for hours.
16. Every single time we carry her she throws herself back and looks at the ceiling while being carried, this has been going on for her whole life.
17. She loves to be thrown up in the air by her dad, she laughs her head off. We firmly believe she’s hooked on adrenaline.
18. Our princess had her Fundoplication & GI tube operation when she was 10 months, she was given to much anesthesia and went into Cardiac Arrest. But being the fighter she is was out in 22 days, including extra days in hospital because on pneumonia and C-diff.
19. Natalia has the most beautiful dark, stranger stopping eyelashes.
20. When she was born she was stared upon for being soooooo tiny.
21. When she was 2 months old it was a reason to celebrate if she drank 2 oz (60mls)
22. She has the most beautiful smile, no, really, it’s amazing!
23. As of today she sits unsupported until she’s had it (about 20 minutes), stands with support (although we’re working on her not sticking her bottom out) and taking tiny tiny baby steps while holding on to BOTH hands. This is very VERY exciting!
24. Natalia has crazy curly hair, if you don’t believe me check out some other pictures. This is the reason I make it a point of giving her a hairdo every day (almost every day).
25. Her feet are soooo small that all she wore were sock until last Nov when the weather started getting chilly. As of today she still wears 0-3 month baby shoes.
26. She’s a San Diego Charger fan 100% (ok, so maybe her parents are…)
27. Her wardrobe is just insane. But I plea no contest: baby girl clothes are just too darn cute!!
28. I'm a better person because of her. She's shown me what true unconditional love is.


Karen said...

It's amazing how alike our little ones can be. Ben also stares at the ceiling when we carry him. I think he's hoping to spot a ceiling fan - he really loves those!
You're right about baby girl clothes being so cute.

Joel and Maureen said...

Hi: Thanks for the nice comments on my blog about our little girl, Hope. It's nice to meet another family with CdLS. Your daughter is a cutie-pie.

Joel and Maureen said...

by the way: yes, thanks. add us to the blogroll + we'll do the same.

best of luck!

Sonia said...

Karen, they do have similar traits, don’t they? Natalia loves ceiling fans as well!!

Joel & Maureen, great! I’ll add you guys.

Sandi said...

Hi Sonia, I've been looking at all the new photos...Natalia is just adorable!! Jessica is a ceiling fan lover too...amazing how all our kids are so much alike :)

Elias said...

I know we speak on the phone a lot but I just wanted to say hi and let you know (again) how much we love you, natalia and juanjose!!!

give a big kiss to natalia for me,


p.d how's my english?