A new year

We had a great New Year party, Natalia was a party animal

oh! and the food!!! My sis and her husband made a delicious feast: Prime Rib, Ceasar Salad, baby potatoes in butter parsley, cauliflower melt. All I can say is W O W !!!

Sofía, Isabella and Natalia looked adorable posing in their New Year's outfit.

I'm going to miss my brother, sister and gang terribly!!
Sadly things are slowly getting back to normal, my sister & her family have left and now we're left with our normal routine slowly creeping back into space. For us that meant having Natalia's first medical appointment of 2008: she had to have a holter monitor on for 24 hrs after her last ecg came out with some inconsistencies. After her cardiac arrest she had some indication of Long QT syndrome so she's been having ecg's every 6 months but this was the first time we were called in to have the Holter. We went to her Cardio's doctor office and a technician placed the very sticky leads on her, Natalia was a champ, and we were off. No kidding, in & out in 20 minutes!! She had to have her normal activity which now a days is:

I have a video I tried to upload but blogger wasn't cooperating, I'll try to post it later, but YEAH!! she's bearing weight and taking tini tiny steps when you hold her!!! We are extremely exited!!

Back to the holter monitor: then I just took the leads off in 24 hrs and have to yet take it back to Cardio. We'll have the results in 7 days.

I still haven't gotten around to thinking about resolutions... maybey I should, like Natalia, just take it a tini tiny step at a time, that's a good resolution!

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