My First Review

As I’ve stated before: Natalia is a ceiling fan inspector. If she’s in a position where she can throw herself back she’ll do it, no matter where we are and if there is hard or soft surfaces to catch her. My girl has no fear. A little has rubbed off on me from her Physical Therapist so we know that extending backwards makes those muscles over developed and that only makes her want to extend backwards more, which is a no- no for PT. So we usually try to correct her posture and make her to extend forward and "find her center".

Well, when I went to the store with Natalia I usually kept her in her baby car seat where she is in an almost lying position. But now Miss Natalia thinks she is too grown up to be in a baby chair (same as her friend Ben ;) ) so one of 2 things happen when we go to a store: either I leave her in the baby seat and put up with Natalia making a fit because she wants to be more upright or I seat her in the child seat of the super market carts and have to hold her with one hand to prevent a ceiling seeking accident.
Until I found this contraption:

This thing makes my ventures to Target and Wal-Mart pleasant again. It keeps Natalia in her seat upright. If she gets wobbly and tilts to one side it lends her gentle support so she can find her center again. It also holds her down on her seat so if she wants to inspect ceiling fans she has to fight the contraption.

Few things I buy are so useful… this was heaven-sent.

Here is a back view, Velcro is the true hero. You can Velcro it as tight or loose as needed. It has also come pretty handy in restaurant high chairs. It’s not so useful if your priority is keeping germs off since it doesn’t cover the whole cart, but it does give great support. And it only cost me 16dlls!

It’s from a brand called NoJo and it’s called Secure-Me Seat. Here is a link.

PS, I had N E V E R reviewed anything before, but I just loved this. ;)

And Natalia seemed to enjoy feeling in control too.


Misty said...

LOVE IT!!!! mason's sitting up days are a ways away, but i am going to buy one of these this week!! thanks for the info!!!!! she looks so cute. what a personality!

Karen said...

I bought something similar for Ben, but while it has a good five-point harness (to prevent him from pitching forward and hitting his head), it does NOT have the velcro attachment on the back to keep him from sagging to the sides. Maybe what you bought for Natalia is really what we need. I'll check it out...

Sandi said...

That looks awesome! Wish I'd had one of those when Jessica was little, she was a ceiling fan gazer too :-)

Elias said...

hola hermana, solo un recuerdito para decirte que las queremos mucho.

besos y abrazos