Uneventful Events

Aren’t you thankful for days that just sort of zip by completely uneventful? It may seem weird to appreciate this, but once you’ve had unexpected and stressful “eventfulness” in your life I guess it’s normal to be thrilled when you your days are completely Ho Hum.

That’s what all these days have been like for me. I finally feel the dust has settled since I stopped working. There have been a few moments that I miss my office but mostly I'm really thankful I have the opportunity to stay at home with Natalia. We have kept busy though. Here’s a rundown of events:

FINALLY she had tubes placed in. This event majored in uneventfulness Thank God!!

She had her 18 month well check and everything went great,she weighed 16.8lbs and 27". Thank goodness she’s a healthy lil peanut.

We are still going to OT and PT. Both are going great.

The bad news is since Natalia discovered standing and walking she resists tummy time with all her might.

She has developed an A T T I T U D E !!!

In other events: I’ve already attended 2 classes of ASL for infants & Toddler. It is AWSOME !! The catch? It’s not as easy as I thought it would be… I got a B+ on my first quiz… :(

Now BEWARE an overdose of uneventfulness can result in:


Misty said...

Hi Sonia! I have checked your site out as well and I don't mind at all if you add my blog to your blog roll!! i hope that you don't mind if I do the same!! Natalia is so very cute! she looks to be doing so well!! love your blog! you bring a smile to my face with your writing and pics!

Karen said...

Wow, Natalia is doing great and looks so big! Loved the video of her walking! I am glad that the ear tube surgery went well - I am sure you guys are relieved.

Sandi said...

Love all the new photos, especially the one where you caught her snoozing in the highchair! Glad your time at home as been uneventful...that's a nice change sometimes :-) The video of Natalia walking is precious, she'll be running before you know it!