All's clear

Well, the smoke is almost clear. Thankfully the fire was contained in time and it didn't get to any of my neighborhood's homes. We were lucky, but an estimated 1500 homes did burn down. I feel for these families loss. I feel even more for the family of the 4 people who lost their lives in these fires. I'm so thankful for my county's organization in crisis, San Diego really did come together. Most of all I'm thankful the worse is over.

Natalia literary didn't see the light of day during the worse of the fires. Our home was closed down: No windows were opened, only the garage door was opened as needed to go for supplies. We put wet towels under the door so the smoke couldn't get in and made sure the AC's filter was clean. So many of my friends kids got sick, even though they used face masks so I was extra careful. Our effort payed off because Naty didn't get sick, not even a sniffle. :-)

Oh, and we bought a new camera an Amazon but decided to return it after reading a bunch of bad press on a a faulty lens E18 error that isn't covered by the warranty. Sorry... the pictures are still on standby.


Sandi said...

Sonia, I'm so glad you all are okay. What a horrible thing to go though and tragic for the families who lost loved ones or a home.

Good luck finding a new camera, I look forward to seeing more pictures of Natalia :-)


Karen said...

I am glad you are all safe and Natalia is healthy.
Those reviews on Amazon can be useful sometimes.