Up, up ...and down

I’ve had a loss of inspiration since I lost my camera two weeks ago :( … and no, I haven’t bought a new one just yet but I wanted to share how Natalia’s feeding was going.

On Natalia’s appointment with her GI doctor about 6 weeks ago, she said she was time to change her feedings from Isomil to Nutren Jr, a more calorie rich and age appropriate formula. She gave us the game plan: transition slowly with just one feeding a day, and every 2 days change a feeding until she has 120mls of Nutren for her 3 day bolus feeds. Monitor her for 3 days after that is done, and if that goes well then change her 250mls at 30ml/hr continuous night feeding. If everything was still ok then we could start slowly upping the bolus rate to have Natalia finish her day feedings in 30 minutes instead of 1hr 15 mins.

We followed the exact instructions, and it went very smoothly… soon we were upping the feeding rate slowly 5mls per day. We started at 90mls and moved steadily to 130, our goal was 200mls an hour. We were transitioning like experts! Yayyy!!

Then one day Natalia was fussy and extremely gassy, her stomach was extended and she has having a lot of residual (the formula that comes out of the gtube if you vent it). We had celebrated too soon. After calling her dietitian she confirmed that Nati wasn’t tolerating her feeds, and we should slow the rate down, waayyyy down. So that’s what we did, all the way down to 75mls!!! So Natalia was taking almost 2 hrs to finish her daily feedings. We are SLOWLY bringing the rate back up, and after 2 weeks we’re at a 100mls/hr rate, this rate seems to be working well for her, so we’re letting her stick to it for a while before we try to up the rate again. What’s important is that she’s getting the food she needs with the least discomfort.

I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch again...

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Karen said...

That's how it goes for us too. We just increased Ben's proportion of Nutren Jr in his formula (he gets 66% Nutren Jr to 33% baby formula). We've had to back off on both the volume and the rate of feeds for the time being because he didn't tolerate it well. But we know he will if we give him time. Good luck with Nati's transition!